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    Hi Tom and Judy,  My apologies for taking so long to respond, especially to Tom’s question about a response (or non-response) we’ve all experienced. The truth is I was looking for an answer to Tom’s important point about managers who fail to get on board the gratitude train.  Let’s be honest, who among us is entirely innocent when it comes to not acknowledging someone else who deserved it?  There are several reasons for such omissions. We tend to exaggerate our own roles in positive outcomes, potentials or maybe just get lost in the next big thing. However, there is one distinctive factor which my latest Gratitude Connection post explains more fully: There are actually two differently motivated types of gratitude. The one we encourage and are enriched by, a forward looking magnanimous approach for which we expect no particular reward besides watching someone else flourish. The other is transactional: You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours.

    In business settings the normal tendency is to see most expressions of gratitude or acknowledgement as tit for tat unless a more generous context is made clear in an atmosphere of open trust.  There’s nothing wrong with meeting obligations as part of an exchange of favors or accepting an IOU from another in expectation of future consideration. Nothing wrong as long as everyone realizes at some point the debt is cancelled. Senior managers are inclined to regard even great suggestions as part of the implied obligations of staff. Unless the framework clearly goes beyond that, don’t be surprised if that’s the end of the discussion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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