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CGL Monthly Webinar Archives

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Empathy: A Brain Health Driver
Special Guest – Dr. Julie Fratantoni – January 2023



It’s All About the People Don’t Be a Soul-Sucking CEO – Be a Grateful Servant Leader Instead!
Special Guest – Garry Ridge – July 2022

The Smart Mission: On People, Knowledge, and the Importance of Appreciation
Special Guest – Dr. Edward Hoffman – April 2022

Impactful Leaders and the Power of Acknowledgment
Special Guest – Frank Saladis – February 2022


Appreciation, Motivation, and Performance
Special Guest – Neel Doshi – December 2021

Grateful Leadership – Measuring its Value in an Evolving Globally Connected World
– September 2021

Converging Business Relationship Management with Grateful Leadership to Evolve Organizations
Special Guest – Tom Kruse – July 2021

Influencing When You Don’t Have Authority: A Case for Grateful Leadership in Project Management
Special Guest – Jim Trela – May 2021

Creating a Culture of Recognition & Appreciation
Special Guest – Samantha Elliot – March 2021

Mindful Grateful Leadership
Special Guest – Leigh Stevens – January 2021


CGL Special Kids Edition Webinar
Special Guests – April Armstrong, Paul Hostovsky, Sophia Angelica – December 2020

Moment of Truth
Guest Presenter – Xavier Joly – November 2020

Mind your GAP: A Vital Future of Work Ingredient
Guest Presenter – Dr. Al Zeitoun – October 2020

Transforming Your Workplace Through Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenter – Elizabeth Frederick – September 2020

The Power of Thank You
Guest Presenter – Doug Conant – August 2020

Leading in a Neurodiverse World – Stories of Grateful Leadership during Uncertain Times.
Guest Presenter – Brandon Fargis – July 2020

The Role of Grateful Leadership in Achieving Peak Performance and Beyond
Guest Presenter – John K. Coyle – June 2020

Bridging the Gender Gap with Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenters – Bette & Michael Friedlander – May 2020

The Gratitude Gap
Guest Presenter – Kathryn Kest – April 2020

Leading with Gratitude
Guest Presenter – Chester Elton – March 2020

Creating a Culture of Gratitude: Three Grateful Leadership Practices to Ignite Positivity at Work

Guest Presenter – Deborah Connors – February 2020

Utilizing Grateful Leadership to Achieve Work-Life Balance
Guest Presenter – Mario H. Trentim – January 2020

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The Grateful Agile Leader
Guest Presenter – Susan Parente – December 2019

Using Team Core Values to build the Foundation for Acknowledgment
Guest Presenter – Steven DelGrosso – November 2019

Curiosity: A Key to Unlocking Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenter – Dr. Diane Hamilton – October 2019

Why Passionate and Grateful Leadership Matter
Guest Presenter – Joanna Durand – September 2019

El Camino College Acknowledging Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenter – Anya Zinoveva – August 2019

Virtual Teams and Remote Appreciations
Guest Presenter – Beth Hymowitz – July 2019

Three Rules for a Grateful Workplace
Guest Presenter – Ryan Fehr – June 2019

Gratitude: the Organizational Excellence Accelerator
Guest Presenter – Al Zeitoun – May 2019

Gratitude, an Essential Element of the Purpose Driven PMO
Guest Presenter – Joe Pusz – April 2019

Lead with JOY and Gratefulness
Guest Presenter – Rich Sheridan – March 2019

Heartfelt Communications in the Workplace
Guest Presenter – Stephen Jones – February 2019

My Conscious Reveille
Guest Presenter Tom Kiley – January 2019


Acknowledgment: A Difference Maker on the Front Lines of War
Guest Presenter Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Primitivo Davis – December 2018

Reaching New Heights in Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenter Alan Mallory – November 2018

My Grateful Journey: Becoming the First Grateful Leadership Instructor Certified with Judith Umlas
Guest Presenter – Michelle Maillet – October 2018

Wire your Brain for Confidence; The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt
Guest Presenter Louisa Jewell – September 2018

Grateful Leadership in Managing Dotted Line Reporting Relationships in a Life Sciences Company
Guest Presenter Dr. Willis Thomas – August 2018

The Power of Acknowledgment in Online Learning Environments
Guest Presenter Patricia Rife-Beavers – July 2018

Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Turn Operation into a Safer, Happier, and most Profitable place to work!
Guest Presenter Roberto Daniel – June 2018

Grateful Magic: How Mindfulness and Gratitude Work Together
Guest Presenter Sherry Kytonen – May 2018

Jim Trela Acknowledgment Ambassador Award
April 2018

The Power of Acknowledgment: Changing the World One Life at a Time
Guest Presenter Mario H. Trentim – March 2018

Conscious Grateful Leadership
Guest Presenter Sofie Ostemar – February 2018

The Neuroscience of Gratitude
Guest Presenter Linda Roszak Burton – January 2018


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