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Tell Me A Story

What stays with us as we are learning new skills and their applications is stories. Stories remain intact in our memories indefinitely, if told with authenticity and intention. That’s why we have this remarkable feature: “Tell Me a Story.” They are your stories, and they instruct, inspire and motivate others to implement similar forms of behavior that can make a similar kind of difference. We feature the stories of CGL members and their communities on a regular basis and welcome yours!

Judith Umlas

“Tell Me A Story” Introduction | The Center for Grateful Leadership

Judith Umlas

Harold Kerzner PhD

What’s The Return on Investment of a Slice of Pizza…or a Heartfelt Acknowledgment to a Project Manager?

Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.

You can probably purchase a slice of pizza and a can of pop for under two dollars. Is it a good investment? Well, it depends on when you plan on feasting on the pizza.

Patrica Rife-Beavers

IIL’s Acknowledgment Ambassador Award

Patricia Rife-Beavers

University of Maryland University College Professor, Patricia Rife-Beavers, receives IIL’s Acknowledgment Ambassador Award for her dedication and loyalty to The Grateful Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment initiatives.

Sylvia Henri-Wonasue

Grateful Leadership and Women’s History Month

Sylvia Henri-Wonasue

I have truly appreciated and valued IIL’s decade-long relationship with the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). It began when Professor Patricia Rife-Beavers, PhD adopted The Power of Acknowledgment in what seemed like “minutes” after it was published, for her Project Communications Management course in the graduate program. Every semester since, students have read the book as “required reading” and according to their professor and to them, it has made a profound difference. When I was asked to deliver a Grateful Leadership keynote for Women’s History Month at UMUC, numerous current and past students, faculty, and executives attended the presentation. I couldn’t resist interviewing them while we had cameras running… here is the first of these dramatic, engaging and wonderful interviews.

James Taylor

How The Power of Acknowledgment Has Affected My Life

James Taylor

James Taylor, the Graduate Program in Project Management at UMUC, tells how much The Power of Acknowledgment has affected his life at work and with his family.

Kathryn R. Kest

How Acknowledgment Can Save a Life

Kathryn R. Kest, PMP, DTM

Listen as Kathryn shares how a form of acknowledgment saved someone’s life.

Jennifer Barber

How to Train Your Boss to be a Grateful Leader

Jennifer Barber

Jennifer Barber, UMUC Project Management Graduate student, tells how she learned to train her boss to become a Grateful Leader!

Kim Fields

How a person in a wheelchair feels when someone does not address them directly

Dr. Kim Fields

Dr. Kim Fields, CIU Faculty member, Graduate and Undergraduate studies, shares how a person in a wheelchair feels when someone does not address them directly, and how she feels when they do.

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