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Grateful Leadership® Certified Professional

Since IIL first published The Power of Acknowledgment in 2006, over 100,000 people all over the globe have been exposed to this powerful message. This grew into the life and work-altering Grateful Leadership revolution!               

People who experience this model of leadership report amazing breakthroughs on both a personal and professional level. They have a contagious enthusiasm and take immediate action toward putting Grateful Leadership into practice, in every part of their lives and work.

That’s why IIL is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Grateful Leadership initiative:

The Grateful Leadership® Certified Professional, Level 1 (of 2)

This time and cost-efficient program is designed to give YOU the opportunity to teach others about Grateful Leadership and to personally, and exponentially, grow as a Grateful Leader. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

By successfully completing the program, you will achieve Grateful Leadership® Certification, Level 1 which enables you to lead your very own one-hour Grateful Leadership sessions. How cool is that? And down the road, once you see the power of this initiative, you may want to pursue a Level 2 Certification which enables you to be a Certified Grateful Leadership Instructor and to teach full-day courses in your organization and beyond.

Here’s an overview of the steps to Level 1 certification:

  1. Submission of the Grateful Leadership Certification Level 1 application (short questions and an essay about your purpose and passion for doing this)
  2. Interview with Grateful Leadership creator Judith W. Umlas to determine eligibility
  3. Completion of IIL’s On-Demand Grateful Leadership Program (certified for 7 PDUs, 7 HRCI credits) – 7 hours
  4. Complete reading of the Grateful Leadership ebook, which is included as a resource in the On-Demand course
  5. Preparation for first one-hour GL presentation using Leader’s Guide and Slides (estimated practice time: 3 hours)
  6. Online Delivery of presentation to Judith W. Umlas and Grateful Leadership Advisory Committee Members (one hour)
  7. Lead Grateful Leadership one-hour presentation for a group in the candidate’s company or organization of choice
  8. Review evaluations from attendees with Advisory Committee members
  9. Approval for Grateful Leadership Certification, Level 1 Credential 

Cost for Certification: $550

Annual Renewal Requirements/Fees:

  • Proof of delivering a minimum of three one-hour GL sessions during the previous year.
  • Participation in a minimum of 3 Center for Grateful Leadership (CGL) one hour monthly webinars
  • Receipt and use of all updated presentation materials, handouts
  • Cost of Renewal: USD $125 standard;  USD $95 for CGL Members


If you have questions or need more information, please contact [email protected].


The Grateful Leadership® Certified Professional, Level 2 (of 2)


Why become certified to be a Grateful Leadership Instructor/Facilitator?
You took part in some Grateful Leadership experience, and saw the transformational results! You realize the huge difference that this initiative makes to people all over the world – in their workplaces, their families, and their communities! You know you want to be part of the global team that brings this work everywhere to let people know how critical it is to show others that they value their contributions and appreciate who they are. You know you can make this difference! Getting there is not hard – it just takes your passion, commitment, and perseverance!

Steps to Certification:

1. 30-minute interview with Judy Umlas, author, facilitator, creator of Grateful Leadership to determine if you are the right candidate for this.
2. Once approved and paperwork is processed, you receive the following:

a.Online access to Grateful Leadership 7 hour On-Demand Video Interactive course
b. Instructor’s Guide/Workbook and PPT slides
c. Grateful Leadership textbook
d. A detailed timeline of a day-long session with activities
e. Access to IIL’s online 360 Degree Grateful Leadership Assessment for all participants as desired.
f. 60 – 90-minute video of JU teaching Grateful Leadership class

3. Once you have practiced and learned the materials, two virtual three-hour sessions are scheduled with Judy Umlas in which you “train” her in the modules of the day-long course with particular emphasis on the module with the distinction between Recognition vs Acknowledgment (if more work is needed, then you will do it again for her at another time).

4. You will train a group of people virtually or in-person and Judy will view and provide feedback at the break and following completion of the session

5. If feedback from Judy Umlas and participants is favorable, you then receive certification.

6. Judy Umlas is available for “quick coaching” as necessary on an ongoing basis (longer sessions are available at an hourly rate).

Certification cost:
$2950 corporate rate
$2450 not for profit and individual rate

Grateful Leadership Materials cost:
$145 per person (includes workbook and textbook) – corporate rate
$125 per person – not for profit and individual rate

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