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Grateful Leadership Creativity Challenge

We’ve gotten some fantastic submissions to our Grateful Leadership Creativity Challenge. And you, the CGL members, are the judges! Consider yourselves the “CGL’s Got Talent” team, and your votes will determine First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, and Honorable Mention. Please click on each entry, watch the videos, read the written submissions and vote! Results will be announced at the next CGL Webinar, on October 10, 2019, at 1:00 pm ET.





1. Anya Zinoveva:

Assignment to her web animation class to animate the 5 C’s:

2. Susan Parente: 2 submissions

Submission 1: Session on Gratitude, called “Grateful Living – Gratitude and the Power of Acknowledgment”


Submission 2: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Jim Trela:

The Acknowledger (An Excerpt from the Business Novel)

Written by James G. Trela; Edited by Michael F. Trela

Tom Kiley

Entry #1: Funeral Acknowledgment


Entry #2: Truck Driver

Francisco Ambriz:

Experiences in La Herradura Center for Human Development (La Herradura Centro de Desarrollo Humano HCDH) using the 5 C’s in the Assisted workshops with Horses, camps and special courses.

Stefanie Armstrong:

Bad Boss, Good Boss Video

*eligible only for an Honorable Mention, given that the submission is that of a relative of the Founder of the CGL


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