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Grateful Leadership – Using the Power of Acknowledgment­ to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results

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Grateful Leadership On-Demand Course – Save 75%! Use promo code GLOD at checkout.

The 7-hour Grateful Leadership On-Demand course is 75% OFF, for a limited time, and includes a FREE, coaching session for your team with Judith W. Umlas, Author and Facilitator of the Grateful Leadership initiative. Registrants also receive a FREE copy of Grateful Leadership, Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results, and membership in the Center for Grateful Leadership.

This special offer expires on July 30, 2017. Use promo code GLOD at checkout.

Course registration includes:

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“My coaching session with Judy gave me the opportunity to reflect on how I accept acknowledgment, and helped me understand the importance of giving honest, heartfelt acknowledgment. I learned that there is no correct way to acknowledge, but there is a prerequisite. I must allow myself to be vulnerable for any given acknowledgment to be heartfelt, honest, and effective. And this works!”
Tom Kiley, Project Leader, Sandvik Special Metals

In today’s world, one of the top reasons good people leave a position is because of lack of recognition. They feel that management doesn’t see the work they do. They are just one of many, so why stay?

What can a company do about this? They need to find out about the Power of Acknowledgment through the Grateful Leadership On-Demand course taught by Judy Umlas. This course gives you the keys to unlock the mysteries of Employee Recognition and Employee Retention through stories and practical exercises – all at your own pace. It is truly an eye-opening and career changing course.
Jim Trela, Advanced Analytics at General Motors, PMP, MBA, MS-IST, host and producer, The Production Line podcast


About the Course

Effective leaders must find ways to enhance people’s level of engagement, commitment, and support, especially during the difficult periods of time that all organizations may face.

Grateful leaders can tap into the power of personal commitment and dedication by acknowledging people in an authentic and heartfelt manner. Those leaders who model true acknowledgment behavior will inspire others to do the same and to want to dramatically increase their levels of contribution to the organization, making the power of acknowledgment transformational.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior and middle level managers who want to improve their leadership skills by using acknowledgment to enhance their interpersonal and communication capabilities
  • Junior managers who are being prepared for higher levels of leadership
  • Those with hands-on supervisory or managerial experience and responsibility
  • Employees who have a current or impending role as an organizational change agent

Performance Focus

  • Linking effective leadership and employee engagement
  • Strengthening interpersonal relationships
  • Motivating team members and stakeholders
  • Developing personal leadership capabilities
  • Assessing personal acknowledgment skills

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and develop the capability to act upon the need for Grateful Leadership to create a culture of appreciation in the workplace
  • Understand the potentially huge benefits of Grateful Leadership in the workplace
  • Overcome the barriers to using acknowledgment
  • Demonstrate the language and subtleties of authentic and heartfelt acknowledgement behavior
  • Describe the Seven Principles of Acknowledgment for “High-Interest Benefits” in the context of participant’s personal leadership style
  • Describe how to coach teams, managers, and other corporate stakeholders in using Grateful Leadership to produce breakthrough results

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course goals and objectives
  • Introspection on the practice of Grateful Leadership

The Workforce Engagement Sustainability Challenge

  • Employees who are engaged, not engaged, and actively disengaged
  • The costs of non-engagement
  • Meeting the workforce engagement challenge

Acknowledgment, Engagement, and Leadership

  • Acknowledgment and its benefits
  • Recognition versus acknowledgment
  • “Challenging people” case study
  • Blanchard, Covey, Keith (Servant Leadership): how acknowledgment fits into these leadership models
  • Leadership and acknowledgment
  • The 5 C’s – Consciousness, Courage, Choice, Communication, Commitment

Employing the Power of Acknowledgment

  • Overcoming barriers to acknowledgment
  • The Seven High-Interest Benefits Principles of Acknowledgment
  • Exploring the acknowledgment process

Applying the Principles of Acknowledgment within the Context of Your Personal Leadership Style

  • Case study
  • The ROI of Grateful Leadership
  • Creating your Grateful Leadership Personal Action Plan™
  • Creating a Vision Statement for your organization that incorporates Grateful Leadership into your corporate culture
  • The 360° Grateful Leadership Competency Assessment


  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments?

What You Will Receive

This program is highly interactive and includes case studies, role-playing, action take-aways, the Knock Your Socks Off Exercise™ for Leaders, creation of an organizational vision statement, and a 360° Grateful Leadership Competency Assessment. You will receive a copy of Grateful Leadership, Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results by Judith W. Umlas and membership in the Center for Grateful Leadership. If your register by July 30, 2017, your team will also receive a free coaching session with the author.

Interactive On-demand training: 

The interactive on-demand training allows participants to move on their own pace guided by a highly skilled instructor (IIL Senior Vice President, Author and Trainer Judith W. Umlas), receiving clear explanations, demonstrations, hands-on exercises with their solutions, specially produced videos, and other activities that allow the attendant to test their recent acquired knowledge.

Register for the Course
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