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International Institute for Learning (IIL) Announces Next Ambassador Award Recipient





Contact: Judith W. Umlas

Vice President, IIL Publishing

Phone: 212-515-5154

Email: [email protected]

International Institute for Learning (IIL) Announces Next Ambassador Award Recipient

James G. Trela of General Motors is the award recipient for 2018

NEW YORK,  – The International Institute for Learning (IIL) is proud to announce Mr. James G. Trela as this year’s award recipient of the Acknowledgment Ambassador Award. Mr. Trela, PMP, MBA, MS-IST, is a current employee of General Motors and is the 11th recipient of the annual award.

IIL has been a global leader in education for over 25 years and provides various training, consulting, coaching and customized course development for domestic and global companies. As part of their company mission, IIL selects the Acknowledgement Ambassador awardee.

IIL defines an Acknowledgement Ambassador as:

  • A person who understands and demonstrates the power of acknowledgment on an ongoing basis.
  • A person who delivers acknowledgments in a profound, generous, and authentic manner.
  • A person who recognizes that the workplace, as well as the world, will be a more positive and uplifting environment when others are acknowledged.
  • A person who makes a commitment to spread the benefits of acknowledging others.
  • A person who displays consciousness, choice, courage, communication and commitment toward bringing acknowledgments forth in the workplace and in the world at large.
  • A person who truly makes a difference in the workplace, among families, friends, and in communities by recognizing the difference made by others.
  • Trela has demonstrated these qualities as seen by E. LaVerne Johnson, President & CEO of IIL and Judith W. Umlas, Senior VP and Grateful Leadership Author/Trainer who said this about the award and its recipient:

“We just celebrated a very special first birthday – the 52nd episode of the “Art of Grateful Leadership“ podcast series, produced and hosted by James G Trela, PMP at General Motors. We at IIL couldn’t be prouder of Jim’s weekly, every Monday morning contribution to the Center for Grateful Leadership, and hopefully for the rest of the world very soon! He clearly demonstrates the characteristics of a Grateful Leader as well as those of an Acknowledgment Ambassador.”

Initially, Mr. Trela participated in IIL’s Grateful Leadership On-Demand course and was then inspired to create a weekly podcast that deals with various topics related to acknowledgement competencies. Outside of the podcast, Mr. Trela continues to apply best principles and practice of acknowledgement in his personal and professional life and is passionate about encouraging others to do the same.

Listen to Mr. Trela’s Art of Grateful Leadership podcast here.

Proud recipient of this prestigious award Jim Trela, PMP said this about it:

“I am honored that IIL and the Center for Grateful Leadership would give me this award.  In this world, where so many people want to know that they matter, we take this message out to them one acknowledgment at a time.  Thank you this Award and for the acknowledgment – I am grateful for it.”


Jim is also the host/Producer of the Production Line Podcast.

About IIL: IIL is a global leader in training, consulting, coaching and customized course development, and is proud to be the educational provider of choice for many top global companies. IIL’s core competencies include Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Project and Project Server, Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, ITIL®, Agile, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Corporate Consciousness and Sustainability.



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