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The Gratitude Connection: Cultivating Gratitude in Yourself and the Many Others in Your Life

For March 2021, we continue to gleam nuggets of wisdom from “The “Gratitude Project”. A theme of “behavior changes are difficult – but worthwhile in moving to greater gratitude in our lives”. Changing to a more grateful attitude takes discipline and work. We are often “set in our ways” and old habits are difficult to break — even in pursuit of a better way. Still, the 5 C’s & greater focus on the being more grateful can help break barriers, so that gratitude becomes a greater part of our natural character.

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Proving Why What Never Happens Doesn’t

Dan Heath, Duke University, recently published “Upstream” in 2020. His latest book shares a proactive approach, that is designed to prevent firefighting problems in the business world. The concepts in this rare book can revitalize the workplace and even make our world a better place. And, as shared in review below, Grateful Leadership concepts can help lead projects & people more effectively and proactively. For example, the 5 “C’s” helps prevent “sparks” into flaring up as major “fires” which must be put out later. This is a great modern book of leadership for the new decade ahead

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