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The Power of Acknowledgment On-Demand Course Reviews

Testimonials from POA On Demand Customers

“Judy – she is so passionate about her work.  You can’t help but love her and be engaged”

The course provided beneficial life changing information. For example, correlation between acknowledgement and well-being and psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems.  I enjoyed The 7 Principles of Acknowledgement, the 5Cs of Acknowledgement, the ‘Sharing the Power of Acknowledgment with Your Significant Other’ podcast from Grateful Leadership website and Brene Brown’s ‘Power of Vulnerability’ TED Talk. I loved the course.

“The writing exercises were very good but Judy’s enthusiasm and heartfelt emotion really put the course over the top for me. Excellent course!”

“The examples pulled from Judy’s work and personal experiences were harmonious examples of the topic.  I was moved by the story of the love letters… how could one not be influenced by that example?!  Thank you for sharing.”

“She was wonderful!  I loved how we went through the topics and applied. Her videos were right on the spot and I have downloaded her pdfs and will use this every day!  Thank you so much for offering this course to us!”

“This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken!  I loved everything about it.  So practical and helpful.”

“Loved the topic and am overjoyed that IIL is giving classes on ‘soft’ skills”


“Judith was sincere, thorough and clear in her explanation.  I loved the course and already putting it into practice.”

“I love all of the stories and examples to help relate to the real world and to motivate me to practice in my own life!”

“I love this facilitator – I have taken several courses with her and simply love the different approaches I have learned.”

“This was a great experience, I´m really happy to see that this kind of courses are included in the PM knowledge, We are humans working to the service of humans…. just love it!”

“I loved all the video examples and just all the examples in general.  It was a great class.”

“Everything about this course was useful! I really loved all the videos! So much good information that anyone can take with them and use anywhere at anytime!”

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