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Kids and even adults will love the eight heart warming stories included in this book that are based on true accounts and illustrate how saying something as simple as “You’re Totally Awesome!” can make a huge difference to someone. Included in the book are hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter. These engaging activities, which are tied to the stories, will help kids learn to acknowledge the people  who make a difference in their life such as friends, teachers, and parents and even combat something as negative as bullying.


The newest book authored by Judith W. Umlas, Senior Vice-President of International Institute for Learning, Grateful Leadership is a best-practices guidebook to employee engagement, staff retention and increased productivity. Motive and inspire your team, your customers, your stakeholders and, yes, even yourself by following the book’s actionable next steps for creating a culture of acknowledgment that delivers rewards on every organizational level.


The world is full of people who deserve to be acknowledged. Tap into the power of personal commitment and dedication by acknowledging people in an authentic, heartfelt manner. The Power of Acknowledgment by Judith W. Umlas is a well-reasoned appeal to imagine a world where people affirm the valuable contributions, accomplishments, talents and wisdom  of others on a regular basis, which might just catch on. And wouldn’t that be something!