000 ~ The Art of Grateful Leadership – An Introduction

The Art of Grateful Leadership Episode 1

How does the Power of Acknowledgment make a difference in the work place or even at home.?

This podcast is dedicated to evangelizing The Power Of Acknowledgment.  We are dedicated to changing the world one interaction at a time.

What is the difference between flattery, appreciation, being Thankful and Acknowledgment? 

Come, enter the world of the Power of Acknowledgment

The Age of Enlightenment changed the way mankind thought about life, culture and human relationships. In her evocative ground breaking book, The Power of Acknowledgment,  Judith W. Umlas unleashes the concept of an Age of Acknowledgment we can all help bring about.

In a time of celebrity worship and self-absorption, Judith’s well-reasoned and heart-felt appeal is so counterculture as to be revolutionary.  Imagine, as does the author, people acknowledging each other’s humanity, accomplishments, talents and wisdom on a continuous basis. It might just catch on. And wouldn’t that be something!

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