014 ~ No Boundaries to Acknowledgment

Today, we have the third and last installment from my interview with Dr. Harold Kerzner.


When looking for ways to acknowledge people, we sometimes need to look outside our own organization to find fresh ways to acknowledge.

They can be as elaborate as a gala dinner, or as subtle as a handwritten note to a colleague.

The goal is to give the person something that is meaningful to them.

Paraphrasing James Taylor, who appeared in a previous podcast:

If people receive money in terms of gratitude,  people may not remember what the money was spent on

But they will remember when they received the acknowledgment for a long, long time.


As Judy Umlas has said many times, the keys to acknowledgment are two-fold:

First, the acknowledgment must be deserved.  This integrity makes people strive to receive it.

Secondly, and most important, it must be heartfelt.

This keeps the motivation pure, no matter how the acknowledgment is delivered.


Dr. Kerzner has some more wonderful stories about the use of acknowledgment.

Let’s see how other organizations acknowledge their colleagues.


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