015 ~ Kiley – Intro – Acknowledgment in the Military – Leader at Any Level

Today, we begin a short series of podcasts coming from an Interview with Tom Kiley

Tom Kiley is originally from New York

And served in the Navy Submarine Force as a Chief Missile Technician, retiring in 1999 after 22 years.

Afterwards, he worked as an Operations manager on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the ‘Vault’ repackaging the legacy plutonium for long term storage.  

When that was completed, Tom changed his focus to maintenance and became a maintenance manager at a couple of facilities on the Hanford Site.  

After being laid off in 2011, Tom went to Sandvik Special Metals In Kennewick, WA as the maintenance manager there.  

While at Sandvick, he changed his role from maintenance management to project management

Tom honed his Project Management toolset with on-the-job experience; improving his skills by taking as many project management seminars and training courses as he could find  

At the International Project Management Day in 2015, Tom found Judy Umlas’ Grateful Leadership On-Demand Course

And his life hasn’t been the same since.


In this episode, Tom will give us an introduction, telling us how he got involved with the Center for Grateful Leadership

Being a Navy Veteran, we will discuss the question:”Is there acknowledgment on a Nuclear submarine? Or in the military?”

He will also give us his thoughts regarding Leadership, and how it can be found at all levels in an organization

Come, listen in?

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