027 ~ The Roadmap to Grateful Leadership w Michelle Madsen

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the 5 Cs of Acknowledgment

We’ve had an episode on each of the 5 Cs




Communication and


Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Madsen, one of the Certified Grateful Leader Trainers

Michelle Madsen has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology Management,  and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development (HRD)

Michelle has worked for the Volvo Group for the past 7 years, And currently works within the Volvo Group University providing training and services to the over 100,000 employees worldwide. She facilitates US trainings, drive planning, and ensures Volvo Group training sessions get delivered.

By the way….. VOLVO does not make cars! Michele notes that people automatically think of affiliation with the cars they see on the road. However, the Volvo Group sold that part of the business.  

They DO make other transport solutions:  Trucks, buses, and construction equipment.  Volvo Group also owns Mack truck. 

Michelle lives and works in Maryland.

During our conversation, the topic of the 5 Cs and their value came up several times. Listen to how integrated they are whenever the topic of Grateful Leadership is discussed

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