044 ~ Ostemar Knocks Your Socks Off

In this episode, we are going to continue our discussion with Sofie Ostemar, from Sweden.

I asked her to tell us a little about herself, and she sent me this by email:


My name is Sofie Östemar and I’m a project manager in the CTO organization within GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

I’ve always worked in an international environment, fascinated by our differences and common ways in life.

In my latest global and cross-functional project, we were about 8-15 persons working together for 2 years.

I truly enjoyed my managing role, where I focused on structure areas of responsibility with my main task as enabler for the team members and communicator for our stakeholders.

I’ve always found acknowledgment and recognition essential for people’s well-being and something that is our right to get as an employee.

People who feel appreciated are happy and like to do their very best with less conflicts to handle.

I also find that spending time together as a team is very important, strengthening the team spirit and the collective willingness to “fight together towards a common goal”.

I’m convinced that thankfulness is among the strongest positive health contributor for me.


As you can tell, Sofie is definitely a Power of Acknowledgment advocate.


Sofie took the Grateful Leader On Demand Course

In this segment of the interview, we will hear about her “Knock Your Socks Off” Acknowledgment:

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