056 ~ Culture – MIlitary and Society

In the last episode, I told about how the culture of an organization can influence whether acknowledgment is cultivated and allowed to grow

Or ignored and hindered from growing

I’m sure everyone can relate to a culture that hinders acknowledgment

In an early Art of Grateful Leadership podcast, I interviewed Tom Kiley

He spoke of Acknowledgment and the culture in the Military


Here’s another thought for this episode:

Do societal norms influence whether you can acknowledge a person or not?

Judy Umlas, the author of The Power of Acknowledgment and Grateful Leadership;

and the founder of the Center for Grateful Leadership

has had the chance to talk about acknowledgment and gratitude all around the world.

At a recent PMI meeting in New Jersey,

She related this story about when she went to Finland to talk

And just before she was about to speak, she found out an important fact:

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