110 ~ Grateful Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment

Over the last few episodes, we have heard Susan Parente tell us about Grateful Leadership and High Performance Teams, the fact that The Power of Acknowledgment can help  SUPERCHARGE your team. Whether you’re practicing Agile/Scrum or Waterfall as a project management Methodology, or whether you’re working on a co-located or virtual team, Grateful Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment is appropriate through all of these and is even needed more in virtual teams

Susan even brought up the concept of intentional acknowledgments. Where you, with intent, look for ways to acknowledge those people that are working on your team with you.

We all know that spontaneous is great, but sometimes it takes intentional commitment to reaching out to those people that you don’t see all the time, be sure to reach out to the, acknowledging what they bring to the team and how valuable they are.

Since these episodes were recorded, I have had the chance to try something new. Under the tutelage of Judy Umlas, I have begun giving Grateful Leadership and the Power of ACknowledgment seminars.  I gave my first one at my employer a couple weeks ago and it went over GREAT!


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