122 ~ The Five Cs – Commitment

In this episode we are going to delve into the fifth of the five Cs – Commitment, and why this is so important.

Let’s review the recipe, otherwise known as the Five Cs as described in Judith W. Umlas’ book Grateful Leadership – Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results

You begin with the first C – Consciousness; the  conscious realization that another person should be acknowledged


Then you move along to the second C – Choice; the choice to acknowledge that person. You know that you could choose to keep your acknowledgment to yourself, or choose to impact another’s life by letting them know that the world sees something about them that is outstanding

Then there is the third C – Courage; when one is speaking of Grateful Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment,  courage refers to the internal strength to continue along the path to acknowledging  another person. It is the internal mental strength take that next step, especially when you don’t know how the acknowledgment will turn out.

Once you have realized how much courage you have within you, it’s time to move to the fourth C – Communication.

Communication all begins from the heart. Remember, if the acknowledgment is sincere and comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong

The fifth and final C is Commitment.

Why is Commitment so important? Because without it, the message will be lost


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