127 ~ The Simplicity of Acknowledgment

The Art of Grateful Leadership
The Art of Grateful Leadership
127 ~ The Simplicity of Acknowledgment

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Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast


For the last few episodes, I have been focused on Time; Taking time to acknowledge NOW; Time itself can be an acknowledgment; And the world needs Acknowledgment NOW


In this episode, I want to emphasize simplicity


I don’t know about you, But I tend to over complicate things.

And my conversations with Judy Umlas bring me back to the simpler explanations.


The other day, Judy was reviewing an episode of this podcast

And had to talk to me. “You’re over complicating things

And it scares me!”


If there was something to stop you in your tracks, It’s when your mentor says something scares them.


So I stopped

Shut my mouth

And opened my ears


That’s when some of the simplest, and yet profound thoughts were presented to me from Judy. And I want to share them with you here, in this episode


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