137 ~ Acknowledgment Tips – Commitment

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast

This is the third in a series of episodes giving you some tips regarding how to acknowledge.


I’m going to say it again:

I can’t stress enough that desire is the beginning of learning

It’s the beginning of becoming a better acknowledger


If you know the “Why?”


It’s a powerful enough “Why?”

You will find the how.


I’ve heard it said that:

Thoughts build Actions

Actions build Habits

Habits build Character


Character builds Destiny


I can assume that you have the thoughts to acknowledge others; you are listening to this podcast. We are talking about the actions, about how to acknowledge another person


The next step is to take a deep breath, and talk to the other person. Let the acknowledgment you have brewing in your mind out. Summon up that amount of courage and let the other person know that who they are has touched the life of another person.

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