An enlightened CEO

After a virtual short course I led today on The Power of Acknowledgment, I received this communication from attendee Tim Sosbe:

I heard a great story once on the power of giving credit where credit is due, and using praise as a motivational tool. This story came from Ken Blanchard, the internationally recognized coach and thought leader. During a speaking engagement, Ken shared a story from a CEO client of his. When asked how he deals with outcomes, the CEO told Ken words to this effect: ‘When something goes wrong, I close my door and ask myself what could I have done differently to make this better. When things go right, I open my door and look around and ask myself who I can give the credit to.’

I don’t have to know who that CEO is to know he/she must be highly successful. That kind of enlightened attitude and simple appreciation is worth more than any paycheck I’ve ever received.”

Tim Sosbe

General Manager, Training Industry Webinars,

Editor, Training Industry Quarterly e-zine,

Training Industry, Inc.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Tim. What a wonderful story and great validation of the power of acknowledgment. We could certainly all model our behavior after that of this enlightened CEO. I wish I knew his name so I could acknowledge him! I love what Tim wrote about this kind of appreciation being worth more than any paycheck. In fact, I have heard acknowledgment described as the “double paycheck.” We can all help create a culture of acknowledgment in our companies, and the ripple effect can be phenomenal.