Judy has the pleasure of delivering a Grateful Leadership Keynote to the Boeing Leadership Network and the Supply Chain Diversity Council at the Boeing Company!

Over 100 Boeing Leaders shared the event with Judy and the great Boeing Team that organized the program on March 7, 2018. Attendees all received a custom edition of The Power of Acknowledgment with a letter from Brian Baird, President of the Boeing Leadership Network and Vice President of Supply Chain Operations. He wrote in the first page of the custom book, “I am very pleased to provide each person with this thoughtful book, ‘The Power of Acknowledgment,’ including practical tips and examples from today’s discussion of ‘Grateful Leadership.’ I hope you find value and share these tools with your peers and your teams.” (See custom cover and letter in the photos below.)

Based on the feedback that both Judy and the event organizer, Christi King, Director, 747/767 Integration / Supply Chain Operations, received, it seems that people are doing just that! And the results of the “Knock Your Socks Off Power of Acknowledgment exercise were enough to knock everyone’s socks off! Prizes were given by Judy to those who shared their dramatic and moving results.

Judy is grateful both to the great Boeing team that created the event and got it so widely attended: Christi King, Linda Smith, Krystal Manalo, and Mary Morcom, and to Sherry Kytonen, MSPM and Agile Senior Project Manager at Boeing for recommending Judy as a speaker! The group was highly engaged and participated fully in all of the interactive exercises. A really vital interactive exercise was the one in which attendees aligned two of the 5 Cs of Acknowledgment —  Consciousness and Courage – with the “Boeing Behaviors 2018.” They discovered that these were indeed highly complementary, which seemed to inspire many of the people present to want to further explore the connections. They felt this could both enhance and help change their culture to be more appreciative of and grateful toward its people.

Craig Elton, CPIM, BCA Airplane Systems Chief of Staff wrote this of the event: “I appreciated your presentation and personal touch.  I am looking forward to gaining more in depth knowledge of the subject by reading your book and then implementing the information I have gained.” Other attendees wrote Judy heartfelt acknowledgments for what they took from the sessions.

Event organizer Christi King wrote this to Judy following the event: “I think we will need to do another and get even more people ‘appreciating.’”

And it goes (almost) without saying that  Judy is ready for more!