Bursting with Pride…and with Promises!


I know I am being the quintessential Grandma when I share the photo of my granddaughter Lilith —  at her first day of kindergarten — with all of you. At 9:00 pm last night we FaceTimed — she was so excited about the wonderful first day she had experienced that she refused to get into her pajamas and out of her new first-day-of-school outfit. “Is the bus coming yet?” she wanted to know (yes, at 9:00 pm). “I can’t wait for the school bus to come and pick me up!” She continued telling my husband and me how much she had LOVED school! The joy I felt for her was beyond description (even for me! 🙂 ). And because I am speechless, I have to do something!. So I make my granddaughter — and all of the children who are just beginning their educational journey, or who are in the midst of it — this promise: I will do everything I possibly can — with the help of all of you who believe in the life enhancing and life-altering power of acknowledgment — to make sure that the educational experience is joyful for all.

I dedicated my book “You’re Totally Awesome, The Power of Acknowledgment for Kids” to Lilith when she was but a baby. Now I further commit to what I wrote in the Acknowledgments section for that book: “I dedicate this book to my two-year-old granddaughter, Lilith, who represents possibility, empathy and kindness. She is a real model for what the world can and will be like if we all have something to say about it — which we obviously do!”

I wrote that book to create a paradigm shift in education on a global basis, a shift from the pain of bullying to the power of acknowledgment. And this is happening. The book has just been translated into Portuguese through the efforts of a person just like you, one who believes that he can use its message to change the educational system in Brazil. Let’s make sure that all children can have a joyful journey of learning — every single child. And let’s all remember to acknowledge those who have our children’s love of learning in their hands — their precious teachers.

As IIL’s way of encouraging as many people as possible to engage in this paradigm shift, we are offering the book at a 50% discount for the next 30 days. Use discount code “joyfuljourney” when you click the book below to order!

poa for kids small

Let’s make sure that every child has the wonderful experience my granddaughter had on her first day of school…and hopefully for all their years of education to follow. Judy Umlas