Chocolate Pizza and Lots of Acknowledgment!

PoA For Kids Signing Pic 1

Chocolate pizza? Well, what else do you serve to a group of kid contributors at a book launch/signing?! Other than a bucket of acknowledgments for the great job they did, of course!

Last week, IIL Publishing officially released the long-awaited kids’ book, You’re Totally Awesome! The Power of Acknowledgment for Kids, and everyone had a ball!

The book came into being as a result of how quickly I saw these kids put the concept of acknowledgment into action after it was explained to them. Once they realized it holds the power to make their friendships, their schools and their sports teams – in short, the world – a better place, they wanted to participate!

Eight children contributed the incredibly engaging and wonderful stories for the book, and three were here in New York for the book event. David and Michael Wagreich (ages 10 and 12) came in from California, and Grace Carter (age 14) came in from Staten Island, N.Y. They were all very proud of the resulting book, and IIL is very proud of their contributions. Together, we will make a difference!

There will certainly be future editions of this book, so if you know a child who wants to contribute a story about acknowledgment – either its positive presence or its painful absence – send it to [email protected]. New contributors are also welcome!

*Pictured above: David & Michael Wagreich, Judy Umlas, Grace Carter, & Ed Carter. 


PoA For Kids Signing Pic 5 (D or M)PoA for Kids Signing Pic 4 (D or M)Poa For Kids Signing Pic 3 (Grace)

PoA For Kids Signing Pic 2