Dr. Thomas’ Pickle Recipe

In our August Q&A session, Dr. Willis Thomas gave us his amazing pickle recipe. He’s been making pickles for many years, with varieties he grows in his own garden and gives to colleagues as a special form of acknowledgment when he especially feels they deserve it. Find the recipe here:


Heinz White Vinegar

Sea Salt or Garlic Salt

Minced Garlic

Crushed Pepper

Black Pepper

Mixed or Black Peppercorns

Jalapenos and Marengo Banana Peppers

Several different varieties of cucumbers I mix together so that each bite is unique, including the Japanese variety (ordered from Home Depot and Lowes)

Dill Weed

Banana Peppers

Crushed GarlicI

He doesn’t use any pesticides in growing as his garden is quite large. He grows in Miracle grow soil – fresh this year. He also does not boil the cucumbers as that affects the taste and freshness. They will last one month in the fridge.