“Drive by” Acknowledgments

I received this wonderful communication from a person who attended a webinar (web seminar) I led a while back and who subsequently read The Power of Acknowledgment:

Dear Judy,

…I wonder what you think of “drive by” acknowledgements – I was calling them that after reading the book. What I mean is a quick statement to someone like, “Oh, you always make me laugh,” or “you look great in red…” or “that email was a great summary of the situation…” I know you probably have in mind for folks to spend more time/effort on the acknowledgements, but even a little tidbit like that can keep me “nourished” for days!

So I don’t resolve, but I certainly will change my perspective on what a heartfelt acknowledgement can do, and will start making it a habit; how’s that?

— Trudy Patterson

Dear Trudy,

That is great! A “drive by” acknowledgment (and I LOVE that phrase, which I have already received Trudy’s permission to borrow) is wonderful, so long as it has two characteristics: that it is heartfelt and authentic. An acknowledgment does not have to be long, or eloquent or grandiose. It simply has to move us emotionally, even in a small way, when we deliver it. It has to come from the heart. It makes us feel good, and makes us feel even better when we see the person we deliver it to just “light up.” So use the opportunity, as you seem to be ready to do, to deliver those drive by acknowledgments whenever you see the opportunity. Just make sure they are real, or they won’t land properly and you will be disappointed. I can see the positive feelings rippling out from you to those with whom you come in contact. Aren’t they lucky! Great job!