Everyone wins with this Wheel of Fortune!

Leading an IIL webinar on The Power of Acknowledgment last week with 92 people from around the globe, I asked my usual question that brings forth such unusual responses! That’s why I love the question so much! I asked, “Who is it in your work life that really deserves, needs, and desires your acknowledgment and to whom you have not freely, generously and profoundly given it?” I received such great responses from several people that I intend to post them on this blog, with their permission. I also asked them to write up their wonderful examples, so you can “hear” it in their words.

Today’s example is from Rachel Morris, PMP and Associate Project Manager at LOGOS Communications, Inc. Here is what she said and wrote:

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much for the webinar this afternoon. I really loved it and I think that all of us need to get better at handing out compliments to our fellow employees, bosses and loved ones.

Chris Tjotjos is the owner and CEO of LOGOS Communications. He is amazing on how he goes above and beyond to acknowledge his employees. He gets letters from our clients and coworkers and recognizes them in a weekly meeting with the whole company. The people that are recognized get to spin the wheel of fortune and win gift certificates. I am very fortunate to be able to work for such a generous and wonderful person. He is an inspiration to me when it comes to acknowledging others.

Thank you again for the presentation, it was wonderful
Best Regards,
Rachel Morris, PMP

So let’s hear a round of virtual applause, both for Rachel for her deeply heartfelt and authentic acknowledgment of Chris Tjotjos, CEO and Owner of LOGOS Communications, and for Chris himself.  Chris, your commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of appreciation in your company is phenomenal, and your people feel it, live it, and love it!  I personally applaud you for setting the example and creating a benchmark for other companies. I will be sending you an autographed copy of The Power of Acknowledgment to celebrate your commitment and achievement.

If others of you have great examples like this one of leaders that are truly leading the way in terms of making their people feel appreciated and acknowledged, please post them on this blog or send them to my email address, which is [email protected].

Also, please vist the PMI Voices on Project Management Blog to read what I wrote about ACCEPTING acknowledgments — which is hard for many of us to do! It is called “Stop Being So Humble!” Here is the link: http://blogs.pmi.org/blog/voices_on_project_management/2009/10/stop-being-so-humble.html