Few things are more powerful than a vision


Several years ago, I was brought to MD Anderson Cancer Center to teach a course in Grateful Leadership. At the end of the course, a self-organized committee of participants was actually formed to see how this work could be deployed to ALL of MD Anderson. I was thrilled and touched by how deeply this work had been recognized as both life and work altering. One woman, Kathryn R. Kest, PMP, DTM, Associate IT Project Manager, Information Technology Services,  in particular stepped forth and told me that she had found her life’s purpose and her work through this course, and that she would do everything she could to drive it forward throughout her organization. Well, the great news is that though the project was postponed at MD Anderson due to reorganization at that time, Kathy continuously marched forward, one step at a time. This spring we co-led a one day Grateful Leadership course for Toastmasters, an organization that Kathy is extremely active in and well-recognized by. We had to turn people away due to the large numbers who wanted to register. Normally a first training would be for about a dozen people. We had over 100 due to Kathy’s great enthusiasm and stature in the organization. I was totally inspired by her, and was moved to tears by an email she received right after the course from a participant. He wrote:

Your genuine passion and knowledge of the Grateful Leadership program shined through during your presentation. This coupled with your honest candor drove your message home, hitting me (and I am sure others) on a very personal level. How did this make me feel? I am still searching for right words. Confused, enlightened, moved, vulnerable, challenged are a few that come to mind. Before this weekend I would have said recognition and acknowledge were the same. And I was fairly good at recognition. Now I know there is a distinct difference between the two, with acknowledgment being more personalized, heartfelt, and sincere. This mindset shift is going to take me some time and practice to master. But, because of you I have started to see the real impact I can have on other people, and myself, by showing true appreciation. Thank you for this gift.”  ~Glen Hamilton

Kathy, you have given us all the gift of creating a powerful vision and stepping forward into it, no matter what the obstacles and challenges. You are an inspiration to us all, and we at IIL know your continuous commitment to the Grateful Leadership initiative will create amazing results and rewards for all who come in contact with you. Congratulations!

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