Finding Your Way to the Power of Grateful Leadership, Gratitude and Acknowledgment… with a Mind Map!

by Judith W. Umlas

I had the pleasure of leading a webinar in June on Grateful Leadership that was sponsored by Silk Road and HR Daily Advisor. Close to 1,000 people registered and one of the attendees gave IIL what I consider to be a profound and generous acknowledgment: he created a Mind Map of our work! Can you imagine that? Larry Coppenrath wrote this almost immediately following the webinar:

“I attended your webinar today and the attached is my version …it simply is how I choose to deal with today’s onslaught of information…the purpose of which is to share.”

Well Larry, we at IIL truly thank you because the true power of this work is in the sharing of it. Maybe the left-brained people will respond more deeply to your mind map than they would to my impassioned presentations. We never know, and if this helps one additional person get it, use it and share it, then we have all succeeded! So we acknowledge you for your wonderful contribution.


Prepared by:

Larry Coppenrath

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