From “Judy’s Believe it or Not”: Grateful Leadership makes excellent beach reading…and a honeymoon pastime!


As warmer weather approaches, at least in this part of the world, I thought I would call your attention to a note that I received after co-leading a Grateful Leadership Book Club session with Michelle Madsen, Delivery Specialist at Volvo Group University and IIL Certified Grateful Leadership Instructor, at Volvo Construction Equipment last year.

Here’s the lovely note that Eric Russell, Financial Analyst, wrote to me following our exciting get together with about 40 of his colleagues:

Hi Judy!

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with all of us up at the Volvo Customer Center today.  I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can say that it was a wonderful experience for myself.  Reading your book has opened a new perspective for me and I’ve been trying to work and become a “Grateful Leader” since reading your book a few weeks ago on my Honeymoon 🙂.  I took it along figuring I would read a couple pages here and there throughout my trip, never did I expect to be on the beach reading 30-40 pages at a time.  With each new story I became sucked further and further in. 

I never realized how good it felt to actually give the acknowledgment.  Earlier this morning I acknowledged a fellow co-worker (without actually realizing I was doing it) and after I came back to my desk and sat down I realized what I had just done and thought of your book.  Later in the day I actually sat next to this person at our lunch and learn and I wasn’t sure if she realized I had acknowledged her or not.  When you brought up the question/survey of “Who here has been acknowledged at work in the past day, week or year?” she put a big smile on and proudly raised her hand and told me she was thankful for the acknowledgment earlier that morning.  The feeling I received, knowing that she felt great about being acknowledged was amazing and I attribute that to you and your writing.  I hope to continue this going forward, not just in my work environment but anytime that someone deserves to be acknowledged.

I hope to keep in touch and continue reading what you have to write.  Safe travels back home!

PS: I hope you were able to handle driving that massive Articulated Hauler around the customer center. (She was!!)

Best Regards,


When I recently asked Eric if he was still happily married (I was a bit concerned, as well as delighted, with how he chose to spend his honeymoon), he reassured me with this response:A whopping 9 months later and I’m still happily married! :)”

He also told me he was still putting the Grateful Leadership Initiative to good use, both in his personal and professional lives. Eric, thanks for giving one of the most unusual and best “book reviews” we have ever gotten!

So this season, get those beach bags ready for this real page-turner!