#GivingTuesday: Sharing a Selfless “Selfie” with you!


Since 2012, this day has been labelled “Giving Tuesday.” It’s the Tuesday after  Thanksgiving in the United States, created to help put the holiday season emphasis on giving rather than on purely commercialized activities. The movement has gone international, and I want to highlight the wonderful form of giving that Grateful Leader Roberto Daniel, Managing Director of Cebi, Brasil has been practicing for nearly a decade! He is also one of the 11 superb leaders featured and profiled in the Grateful Leadership book. Here’s what he recently wrote to me when he sent me the “Selfie” you see:

“I acknowledged one of my best managers for his outstanding performance and the expectations he exceeded during this year. His name is Alessandro Valeriano and was given a nice gift: the Grateful Leadership book plus a candy box! He barely could hold back tears upon my feedback to him, which , indeed, made my day.”

Thank you Roberto, for your continuous generosity of heart, mind and spirit! I know you have been doing this for years, first with The Power of Acknowledgment and now with Grateful Leadership. We are so lucky to have you on our global “Make a Difference” team, and starting soon as a regular featured article contributor to our new Center for Grateful Leadership!

It’s a super idea to practice what Roberto does. GIVE your team members any one of the three books in the Acknowledgment Trilogy. To do so, visit the IIL Bookstore here, and use Discount Code GRATEFUL2016 for a 20% discount!

But It’s also incredibly valuable – and maybe even more so – to generously provide an acknowledgment or express your gratitude to someone TODAY – on Giving Tuesday – and every day!