Honoring our Laborors – September 2019 Acrostic

“Get The Right Attitude Through Gratitude”
By Harry Waldron


While compensation & benefits secure employees – Grateful Leadership keeps them happy and productive. Workers who are appreciated will stretch themselves to take on more challenging assignments, grow in their skill sets, and stay longer with the company. When team members are appreciated, work can become fun, educational, and positive for all. Also, managers must recognize that work is often hard and “dark skies” may prevail at times. As a grateful leader, it’s important to bring a little “sunshine” into the office each day.


Help executives see employees as an “asset” rather than an “expense”
Offer recognition & appreciation often for a job well done
Nice words & encouragement bring sunshine into the office
Over time grateful leadership builds employee loyalty & growth
Remember to “manage by walking around” & get to better know the team
Invest in nurturing team members, and they will grow as professionals
No communications strategy is as important as “listening”
Give tangible rewards for excellent performance & teamwork


One positive affirmation creates more improvement than ten critiques
Unity improves with a focus on goals & respecting individual differences
Rely on gratitude & power of acknowledgment to foster team growth


Letting employees know they are appreciated alleviates fear & anxiety
Always praise in public & counsel privately when needed
Be a good example to others – as positive role models unite teams
Only love can mend a broken heart & it helps heal a broken project team
Remember that human beings are the most valuable asset for any project
Every good & bad action is noted – so be part of the good side of the “force”
Rise & shine & take in a CGL podcast – to start your day off on the right note
So few folks say thanks – so be the one that does – 1 in 10 in ancient parable