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IIL Acknowledgment Ambassador

Whereas an Acknowledgment Ambassador is defined by IIL as:

  •  • A person who understands and demonstrates the power of acknowledgment on a regular and ongoing basis;
  •  • A person who delivers acknowledgments in a profound, generous and authentic manner;
  •  • A person who recognizes that the workplace as well as the rest of the world will be a more positive and uplifting environment when people are acknowledged for who they are and the value that they bring to an organization, a family, or any other group;
  •  • A person who makes a commitment to spread the benefits of acknowledging others;
  •  • A person who displays consciousness, courage, communication and commitment toward bringing acknowledgments forth in the work place and in the world at large;
  •  • A person who truly makes a difference by recognizing the difference made by others;


Whereas Cynthia A. Szpanelewski has worked with T-Systems to bring the power of acknowledgment to the organization for the purpose of enhancing and solidifying its culture of appreciation; and she has taken a lead role in motivating her colleagues to skillfully and purposefully use this tool to achieve positive and powerful results throughout the organization;

Therefore, International Institute for Learning (IIL) hereby proclaims Cynthia A. Szpanelewski as the first official IIL Acknowledgment Ambassador, on April 3, 2009. IIL hereby recognizes her fervent desire to create the most positive attitude possible in the workplace by using and teaching others to use the principles of acknowledgment.  IIL recognizes, acknowledges and celebrates her commitment, enthusiasm, determination and courage in creating and carrying out this initiative.

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