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IIL Acknowledgment Ambassador

Whereas an Acknowledgment Ambassador is defined by International Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL) as:

  • • A person who understands and demonstrates the power of acknowledgment on an ongoing basis and/or promotes this message to other organizations outside of IIL;
  • • A person who recognizes that the workplace as well as the rest of the world will be a more positive and uplifting environment when people are acknowledged for who they are and the value that they bring to an organization, a family, or any other group;
  • • A person who makes a commitment to spread the benefits of acknowledging others;
  • • A person who displays consciousness, choice, courage, communication and commitment toward bringing acknowledgments forth in the work place and in the world at large;
  • • A person who truly makes a difference in the workplace, among families, friends and in communities by recognizing the difference made by others;

Christopher B. Gregg, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, has recognized the need and demonstrated the commitment to bringing the power of acknowledgment as a key leadership tool to companies around the world, for the purpose of enhancing and solidifying their cultures of appreciation and recognizing the value every human being has to offer; and he has taken a lead role in motivating Top Global Clients to fully and purposefully use this tool to achieve positive and powerful results throughout their professional and personal lives, displaying great fortitude and persistence;

Whereas Christopher B. Gregg participated in numerous IIL training sessions on Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment, including in the pilot full day course for which he gave his worthwhile feedback and input, and a presentation at the PMI Global Congress; and from each he created renewed and ongoing enthusiasm for the value of the message and making it real with his clients in their workplaces;

Therefore, International Institute for Learning (IIL) hereby proclaims Christopher B. Gregg as the first official Internal IIL Acknowledgment Ambassador, on February 24, 2012. IIL hereby recognizes his heartfelt desire to create the most positive attitude possible in the workplace by having his accounts take part in this work.  IIL recognizes, acknowledges and celebrates his commitment, enthusiasm, determination and courage in creating and carrying out this initiative.

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