It takes so little effort!

I was in an elevator on Friday with two elderly but spry looking gentlemen. We were all coming from the 4th floor, where I had seen a doctor and assumed they were coming from the Veterans’ Administration office on that same floor. As we went down to the first floor I asked, “Are you both veterans?” They nodded their heads vigorously and said “Yes!” with pride. I then said to them, “Thank you for your service to our country.” They replied in unison, “You’re welcome!” When we got to the first floor, we went our separate ways, but I could hear them from way down the hall. One said to the other, “Isn’t it nice when someone thanks us for serving our country!?” And the other one said, “It sure is!”

So that’s all it takes to make the day of three people brighter — especially mine, when I realized that what I said had been  important to them.  I know some of you do things like this all the time, while others could learn to do them better and more frequently. Please share your stories with us.