Ode to IPM Day 2017

There are many ways to acknowledge team members. Lori Milhaven, IIL’s very creative Executive VP Marketing, has chosen to write and to circulate to all a poem about each of our roles in making IIL’s 14th annual International Project Management Conference, IPMDay 2017 – a huge success!

While the “poetic license” in the poem below is pretty grand, and the rhythm and the rhyme may not qualify

Lori for Poet Laureate, her heart, mind and spirit are definitely in the right place! Congratulations to Lori – and to our team – for this wonderful contribution. Yes, I think we would all admit that every team member is extremely proud to have a reference to him or herself – not an easy task for a Marketing Head, for sure.

Now it’s on to the planning for the next online conference: Agile/Scrum 2018 – and we are all ready to roll up our sleeves and get going.  Appreciation goes a long way!

With my personal appreciation,


Ode to #IPMDAY2017

We had a show with an amazing theme

People, Passion and Purpose is how we rolled.

Working as one, we built some steam
and together we did it, if truth be told.

Kaylin wrote at a feverish pace

while Nolan made it look real nice.
Sofia and Roxi rocked social space
and speakers followed ShaunMaras advice.

Media dealt with a lot of delays
but found a way to make it happen.
Videos again we need to praise

because we felt the speaker’s passion.

Kristen and Wendy always there
when nothing seemed to be going right.
Fix it we said, with no time to spare

against the odds, they were out of sight.

Customer care is always needed
noise they deal with all the time.

Over and over as hundred’s pleaded
what a hill they had to climb.

Dov and Amy were quite the team
our newest members fit just right.
The warriors work made us beam
thanks to all for your daily fight.

Speakers wanted to share their vision

giving knowledge to all that showed.
Surveys said they liked the mission
and feel they got what they were owed.

LaVerne and Judy what can we say,

you gave us the talent to make the show.
You called and chased until the end of day
and didn’t stop when some said NO.

Ken did help with every problem
not once did he ever ask why.
Accounting is new, but did just awesome
and Sales keep saying You Wanna Buy! 

Emcee Christa was a huge success
and kept the day and calls in line.
Mike guides speakers away from stress

and helped them sound super fine.

We aren’t done yet, we have a goal
50K is the number we strive to meet.
To get there, you have an important role
as reaching it would be amazingly sweet.

I will say it again, because it’s true
our event has become the place to be.
We learn the lessons as PMs do
and soon we hope to be issue free.

So proud of this event and the IIL Brand
and how we make our projects dance.  
We thank all who had a helping hand
and LaVerne for wanting to take a chance.


IPM Day is available On Demand until Feb 6, 2018. Use discount code JUDY for $10 off registration!