Unite with Gratitude – June 2020 CGL Acrostic

During June, we continue to struggle with difficult challenges from the pandemic, where social distancing is the “new norm”.  Still, professionals working from home are making valuable contributions to help hold things together.  Leading VIRTUAL TEAMS requires more effort, communications, and encouragement.  Technology is helpful but not the full solution.  There must be a theme of unity for virtual teams to succeed and efficiently meet business goals.  Grateful leadership unifies diverse individuals into a team by acknowledging & appreciating positive contributions.  As often shared in PM training, a “united team” can more easily move a sofa than one person alone.  Beyond the workplace, we need unity to better come together to heal divisions throughout the world.  And may our nation & world further improve physically & spiritually during the half of 2020.  


Understanding one another is a building block toward unity

Nine of ten people fail to say “thank you” – be the one who makes a difference

Inspire the virtual team with positive email & voice communications

Teamwork that is recognized & rewarded will help future projects

Each day offers new opportunities when we focus on positive results


Welcome diversity & unite around solving business goals in creative new ways

Invest in continuing leadership training to meet future new challenges

The power of positive thinking, acknowledgment, & gratitude lead to success

Help teams work out differences & unite around accomplishing the mission


Grateful leadership unites people & motivates them for higher achievement

Rays of sunlight exhibited by the team leader brightens the outlook ahead

Allow time for the seeds of gratitude to grow patiently & yield fruit

Team productivity improves when fear is eliminated & quality becomes job #1

Invest extra time in project planning & nurture resources to optimize support

Take time to say “thank you” and to acknowledge “a job well done”

Use grateful leadership outside of work, so it becomes a natural response

Devote twice as much time in listening than talking during communications

Each unified team creates synergy – as one person alone cannot move a sofa