Using The Power of Acknowledgment (and Some Candy) to Reward Your Team!

My esteemed and long-time colleague, Roberto Daniel of Invensys Controls in Brazil has just brought an exciting idea to my attention: using the Power of Acknowledgment in recognition of his employees!

            Each month Roberto gives both a box of candy and a copy of the book The Power of Acknowledgment to an employee who has achieved the highest results in product development and cost reduction. He calls it the “candy box award appraisal ceremony.” His employees look forward to this every month and this simple yet effective way of acknowledging his employees produces greater results and positively encourages his team to work harder.

By acknowledging his team in a sincere and authentic way each week, they work together in a positive, warm, and welcoming corporate culture. What a wonderful place to come to each morning!

And what better way to reward your team or employee for the good work they have done by authentically acknowledging their terrific efforts and profitable results, by giving them the tools needed to spread the acknowledgment – with something sweet and true!?



Roberto Daniel and his team100_18003