What an honor!

Here’s an interesting (well, at least to me) story which I hope you will find interesting as well. My best friend, Susan Spar, has a cousin, Loretta McCarthy,  who was in Albany in the New York State Governor’s office some months back. She happened to pick up a publication called “The Legislative Gazette” while waiting, and saw an article that asked various legislators this question: “What book would you recommend your colleagues in the [NewYork State] Legislature read?” The answer from one legislator, Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt, was “The Power of Acknowledgment by Judith Umlas. This book reminds us of the importance of a simple, sincere, thank you.” My best friend’s cousin called Susan, who called me, and of course I called the Assemblywoman to thank and acknowledge her for helping to spread the word and for helping me get closer to my personal mission:  “repairing the world, one person at a time, using the power of acknowledgment.” So Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt then invited me to come to the New York State Assembly to be acknowledged and recognized for writing such an important book. So last week, I went up to Albany, made my son miss a lacrosse junior varsity game to accompany his mom, and brought my husband as well for the event. Wow! It was awesome. Since Assemblywoman Rabbit represents just a small part of the county I live in, Rockland County, she made sure to make my Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee aware of this. Assemblywoman Jaffee had heard me speak to a university women’s organization conference, so she was familiar with the premises of the book. So they both acknowledged The Power of Acknowledgment in front of the entire Assembly on May 7, 2008. I will post a picture of this shortly. The most important aspect of this was helping to get the word out. Other legislators asked me about the book and the sessions I lead, etc. and it looks like I will probably be going back there. So in life, we just never know what amazing circumstances can occur and conspire to help us in our missions, when they are right. So don’t be afraid to speak yours — to anyone who will listen, including me!