A True Leadership Hero!

Douglas R. Conant, Founder of ConantLeadership, has been one of my leadership “heroes” for ages! This began when I learned of his practice when he was CEO of Campbell Soup Company, of penning 10 – 20 hand-written thank you notes a day to his employees. In these, he told them specific things he appreciated them for! Later, it was calculated that he had written 30,000+ notes of this nature during his time as CEO.  

So you can see why he’s been my hero. And now I’ve experienced a first-hand example of his wonderfully generous spirit and practice!  It took place when he came to New York City for his Leadership and Innovation conference keynote filming, and presented me with the inspiring and wonderful book that he had written in 2011 which you can see below, “TouchPoints, Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments.” My kind of book! The inscription was heartfelt and awesome. I’m sharing this personal note with you with Doug‘s permission, by the way.

I can hardly wait until we can all see and benefit from his wisdom and excellent leadership model in his upcoming Keynote in IIL’s Leadership & Innovation Online Conference, based on his new book, “A Blueprint: 6 Practical Steps to Lift Your Leadership to New Heights.”

In his presentation,  Doug Conant teaches leaders how to work through six steps to lift their leadership and make meaningful change in their organizations and in the world. He’s also a master story teller, so you’ll be engaged, inspired and entertained throughout, and discover that you’ve emerged with a real ‘Blueprint” for yourself regarding how to bring your leadership practice up about a zillion levels! Here’s a “teaser” for that Keynote presentation: Teaser

Doug also told me he would be happy to be a guest presenter on one of our monthly webinars at the Center for Grateful Leadership! He lives and breathes gratitude and appreciation and will, I’m sure, enjoy the experience of interacting with our grateful global community! Stay tuned for that special date!

I’m so grateful to Doug Conant for who he is, for his fearless, no-holds-barred, heartfelt appreciation of people, and for his availability!