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Finding Gratitude in New Experiences

When I really thought about it, I found that it was easy to see the benefits in the entire experience as a whole, and there is so much gratitude to be found in the team sports experience. I’ll highlight some examples and how you can use these experiences as a lesson in gratitude for kids:

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Love Heals – February 2021 Acrostic

During February, we celebrate the month of LOVE. We can only have a better year of 2021, by treating each other better than we did in 2020. A starting point is to share kind words, politeness, appreciation, and support. And to work at overlooking our minor differences — so that we focus more on unity. Grateful Leadership provides that foundations of kindness toward one another in spite of our many differences.

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How to Talk Intelligently

By Don Officer Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.                                                                                                            – Arthur Ward   Don’t feel bad if you […]

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