Always Give Thanks – November 2019 Acrostic

“Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude”


November Acrostic

By Harry Waldron-

“ALWAYS GIVE THANKS” Thanksgiving was established as a special holiday to appreciate our family, friends, and our many blessings.  And no matter where in the world you live, whether you officially celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday or not, that same theme can and should be part of our lives each day as we acknowledge & express gratitude to all those around us.

Acknowledgment & gratitude are key ingredients of grateful leadership

Listening is our most vital communications skill

We have so many blessings, that we can’t count them all

Acknowledgment actually says “thank you for your assistance”

Your affirmation & gratitude will build loyalty & enthusiasm

Spread appreciation broadly, highlighting individual contributions


Give meaningful rewards where possible for superlative performance

Invest in building your interpersonal skills through a CGL podcast

Value people as the most important part of any project

Each day there are opportunities to practice saying “thank you”


Thanks + giving – both go together in building a better world J

Help inspire others to use the tools of grateful leadership

Accentuate contributions of the team individually & collectively

Native Americans & pilgrims came together in a spirit of thankfulness

Kindness always wins out – every time it is tried

Strive for that unifying spirit of the 1st thanksgiving – AS IT WORKS TODAY ALSO