Creativity Challenge – Susan Parente Submission 1

What: Session on Gratitude, called “Grateful Living: Gratitude and the Power of Acknowledgement

Where: In the community where I live. There are many retired people and some still fully employed, like myself.

When: This fall or winter.

How: Presentation to my community on Gratitude. It would be the Grateful Leadership presentation however; I think Gratitude would be more interesting to attendees, who are likely retired or close to retirement. I think it would make a profound difference to people and perhaps strike an interest in Grateful Leadership for people who are not necessarily career-focused.

I am hoping for a 1.5-hour timeframe for this session but could do it in 1 hour, if that is what they prefer.

My community has an educational program called Bayside Institute. There are classes on many different topics, please see here for information:

I think a 1-hour presentation on Gratitude would be well received in this forum.

Impact: This has already sparked an interest by the staff supporting the community. They may want me to present to their team, in addition to providing this presentation to the community!