Creativity Challenge – Susan Parente Submission 2

Title: 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Details: Participants sign up for a 30-day challenge.

Daily: They commit to expressing gratitude to someone every day! I can be someone they work with, someone in their family, or even their barista…

Weekly: Participants have a weekly call, perhaps each Monday at 8 am or at noon. In this call they share the impact this has had on them or on others around them.

Background: When I thought of this idea, I thought of Jim Trela, as I know he is someone who expresses gratitude and has shared the impact that it has had on him and others.

Kickoff: Start this challenge with a PodCast and end it with one. Also, invite people in the monthly CGL meeting. This would further engage people in participating.

Impact: I think this would further develop our community of Grateful Leaders and I think it would further proliferate our message, along with improving the lives of both the participants and those they know…!

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