Grateful Gardens – May 2021 Acrostic

by Harry Waldron

All around the world it is either a time of planting or harvesting. However fruit will not be produces unless there is a good “root foundation”, warm sunlight, and gentle nurturing all season long. When a team is cared for like the garden, folks work together effectively and productively in meeting goals successfully. Just as gardening is challenging, leading others can only be done one day at a time. The grateful leader will achieve a fruitful harvest, by weeding out the negative impacts & letting the sun shine on positive accomplishments.

Grateful leadership is the daily application of acknowledgment & gratitude.

Recognition affirms positive contributions & promotes employee growth.

Acknowledgment highlights superior performance & team role models publicly.

Time spent to better know one another will plant seeds of grateful leadership.

Each day the “grateful garden” must be watered, weeded, & nurtured.

Formulate strategies to use grateful leadership in the most optimum setting.

Underground the “grateful garden” is supported by a strong root system.

Like a garden, every team requires daily stewardship by the grateful leader.


Gardens grow in warm sunlight & also teams build on positive relationships.

And each day there is a choice – care for the garden or weeds can overtake it.

Recognize others, like the master grower treasures the best crops of the season.

Diverse individuals can work in unity, like gardens yielding many types of fruit.

Every successful project task should be appreciated – like fruits at harvest time.

Neglected gardens can be saved by removing the weeds & letting the sunshine in.

Sow seeds of gratitude & prepare for a great bounty of fruit at harvest time.