Have a Great and Grateful Day – July 2021 Acrostic

Get The Right Attitude Through Gratitude

by Harry Waldron

Each day offers the opportunity to start off in a positive way.  This is often referred to as “waking up on right side of the bed”.  As we work with others professionally & respectfully – it results in a “great day”.  Actively practicing gratitude & acknowledgment makes it “grateful day” also.  And those best leadership practices make our jobs & lives more meaningful.


Highlight the positive performance & accomplishments of others

Acknowledgment is effective when the timing & setting are well-planned  as    well as spontaneous

Virtual & global teams still need the human touch of grateful leadership

Energize your team of diverse individuals to work in harmony together


Atoms are held together by a central positive force & so are relationships


Give the gift of grateful leadership each day

Relationships are built slowly – but will dissolve quickly when neglected

Every workday is challenging & it’s better to “team-up” than go alone

Affirm others publicly & work privately on areas of improvement as needed

Trust is built slowly over time, based on our history in working with others


Acknowledgment highlights superior work & efforts publicly

Natural gratitude becomes habit-forming when we practice it daily

Develop creative ways to affirm & thank others in email & virtual meetings


Grateful leadership makes for a better day, even during stress & chaos

Receiving gratitude & recognition are areas we need to work on as well

Acknowledgment improves employee growth, morale & the bottom line

Time spent to better know one another is always “time well spent”

Each day the grateful leadership cycle must be rebooted like a computer

Find ways to use grateful leadership creatively & effectively

Understanding is improved, when we listen more than we speak

Let the sunshine in 1st thing in the morning to brighten the day ahead


Devote some time beyond the tasks at hand, to the human side of project    management

Appropriate time to learning & practicing the art of grateful leadership

You have opportunities each new day – to make it “ great & grateful” J