It's Never Too Late…

Here is a wonderful acknowledgment that came from the “Knock Your Socks Off Power of Acknowledgment Exercise for Leaders.” It was submitted to me after one of our webinars:

Good afternoon Judy,

Thank you so much for today’s webinar session. I really enjoyed it. The information I was able to hear was very helpful. You wanted us to share about someone we could acknowledge — as I sat and pondered, there was an individual who came to mind. His name is Len Winnings. I was inspired by his leadership, words of wisdom and his insightfulness, and to that end, he was one of the best bosses I’ve ever had — smile. I don’t speak with him as often as I did in the past, but we do write. Len lead a team of approximately 70 full-time employees and he never took any of them for granted — he always engaged with the team, and was a believer in self-development — he was an excellent writer and had a keen sense for noticing hidden talent, even when the talent showed signs of needing polish. I want to believe that this innate skill/gift came from deep within and was nourished through his military back ground (although I never asked). Ok, I’m now stepping down off the stage. But I do want him to know how much I valued him and his great leadership.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing you.


LaVene E. Claggett
Fannie Mae
Women’s Employee Resource Group
Vice President Internal Affairs

LaVene, you knocked MY socks off with this generous, profound, and heartfelt acknowledgment. You exemplify what it means to really let a person know the difference that he or she has made to us. Now please send this wonderful person the link to this post! He can feel free to comment if he wants to! Of course, if you want to tell him what you wrote, that would be great, too! Just make sure he “gets” it — it is your gift to him, and to yourself as well!