What’s In It for the Giver of an Acknowledgment?

I had the honor and pleasure of being the keynote speaker at a Dallas PMI Chapter meeting in November, 2010. There were so many great stories shared in response to the presentation – I would like to share this one with you because it touches on the wonderful and powerful aspects of giving a true and heartfelt acknowledgment — FOR THE GIVER. This is one of the lesser known benefits of acknowledging others. Here is what one of the participants, Cindi Fitzgerald, wrote to me the following day:


Thank you Judy for a great presentation at the Dallas PMI chapter meeting last night.  It was my first PMI meeting, and I must say, it and you made a good first impression on me!


As I was walking the dog this morning I was thinking about your presentation, and I realized another benefit of acknowledgment, to the giver.  When I do acknowledge others for their efforts, talents, etc., it makes me more conscious of how many good people I am surrounded with.  We should all take more time to focus on the good things in our lives, and acknowledging others definitely causes me to focus on that!


Cindi Fitzgerald, Innovation Consultant
Clark Consulting


Cindi, you have touched upon one of the lesser known benefits of acknowledging others. What is good for the “getter” is at least as good — and sometimes better – for the “giver.” Thanks for making the point so eloquently and dramatically. As we begin the New Year, we can all remember what WE gain from acknowledging others who are deserving. So let’s do it!