Opportunities for Acknowledgment are All Around Us!

poa-small-bookSome time ago, this little interchange occurred via email between myself and Greg Voakes. I knew it was something I wanted to post here on the Grateful Leadership blog because it really made my day! As simple as it was, it had such a huge impact. Greg sent me an email and received my “Out of Office” response, which included:

Thank you for your message. I will be out of the office on Monday, September 23 and Tuesday, September 24th at a Publishing Business Conference & Expo. If you have any urgent matters, please call Vanessa Innes at 212-515-5177. Have a great day, and please remember to acknowledge someone today!

Best regards, Judy

After receiving the automatic reply, Greg then took the opportunity to write back: “This is the nicest and warmest out-of-office reply I’ve ever read 🙂 Thanks for that!” I was so touched by his response to my automatic reply. Once I returned I requested his permission to post it on our blog, to which he replied “Sure!”.

The point behind this short post is to show the significant impact one SIMPLE acknowledgment can have on someone. The opportunity to acknowledge an out of office response is something most of us would never imagine doing. I found it just delightful! Thank you, Greg, for showing us that opportunities to let others know they make a difference are all around us, and that even automatic replies can actually “reach” someone’s heart!

And to all my readers, please remember to acknowledge someone today.