Congratulations to IIL’s “Acknowledgment Ambassador” — Ouida Sizemore Linkous

Ouida awardIn 2006, IIL published The Power of Acknowledgment and began sending me out to train all sorts of leaders in developing and honing the skill of acknowledgment. In no time at all, we started seeing dramatic results wherever this notion was embraced and practiced, which gave us true insight into how transformational the message really was. Within a year, we could see that some people resonated profoundly with this work and put it to great use in their workplaces and communities as well as with their families and loved ones. This is why IIL began to very selectively create Acknowledgment Ambassadors. In seven years, there have only been four…until now.

On this day, we are honored to celebrate and welcome in Ouida Sizemore Linkous as our fifth Acknowledgment Ambassador! Ouida has a natural and inarguable attraction to acknowledgment, gratitude, praise and appreciation. She is a beacon of light shining on the work we have undertaken at IIL, with 100 percent commitment and enthusiasm, and it is with great pleasure that we present her with an accompanying award to show our appreciation.

We are incredibly privileged to have Ouida on our “make a difference in the world team,” and know that she brings forth this capability to change the world with all she comes in contact with. Ouida, we are proud to have you as what you call yourself: our #1 fan! We are definitely yours.

Congratulations!! We know you will keep bringing forth the power of acknowledgment wherever you are…and wherever you go. All of us at IIL are proud to know you.

With gratitude,

Judy Umlas